7 Tips To Help You Feel Confident In Lingerie

Gone are the days of buying lingerie only to entice and please our partners. In today’s world of the modern woman, wearing lingerie has become a declaration of self-love, self-assuredness, and self-confidence! It’s also an individual act of self-care that should remind every woman of the importance of putting yourself first as well as doing and wearing things that make you feel good. Every women’s body is unique and beautiful. We come in all shapes and sizes, making our bodies a symbol of the beauty of diversity. Which should be celebrated, individually and collectively.

One way to celebrate the beautiful female form you’ve been blessed with is by finding lingerie that fits and accentuates your body. Lingerie that makes you feel sexy and powerful. But, the reality is, finding the perfect lingerie for your body isn’t always the easiest task. The search can leave you feeling discouraged, especially if you’re new to wearing lingerie. Lucky for you, you’ve landed on this article!

So, read on to learn tips on how to find lingerie and wear it with confidence once you have it.

1. Find the right fit.

An essential factor in feeling confident in your lingerie is finding your perfect fit.

For most women, the idea that we may not be wearing the proper size bra has never crossed our minds. But, according to a survey, and as highlighted in this article by HuffPost, almost 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Changes in breast size can be due to a number of things such as: losing or gaining weight, hormonal changes, surgery, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and more. All of these can contribute to changes in your breast size. Subsequently, causing you to have ill-fitting bras. But the good thing is, nowadays there are so many ways for you to get help finding your correct bra size.

The first avenue you can explore is a lingerie shop or department store that sells women’s lingerie. The staff is usually trained to take accurate measurements, so you shouldn’t have to worry about them getting your size wrong. However, If you’re more of a DIY person, there are lots of handy guides out there to help you accurately get your bra size at home.

2. Choose a fabric and cut you’re comfortable with.

With so many different types of lingerie to choose from, to really feel confident, it’s important to find styles that make you comfortable and still like yourself. You may come across ads and photos of beautiful women wearing lingerie that you admire–however, just because it looks good on them, and they’re seemingly able to wear a certain style confidently, doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same when wearing a specific style. So, finding lingerie that fits your personality is key. From silk to lace, to cotton, each fabric will look and feel different on your skin. But, lingerie isn’t just sexy undergarments either, it’s also sleepwear. And no one wants to be uncomfortable while sleeping, especially.

3. Find lingerie to match your mood.

Like our bodies, our moods are constantly changing. One day you may be feeling fun and flirty; on another, adventurous or chill. Maybe you just want to slip into something comfortable to run errands or perhaps prepare for a nice date. Whatever the occasion, having a variety of lingerie pieces to choose from will ensure that you can embrace whatever you’re feeling through your choice of undergarments. And embracing your feelings, moods, and body are all beautiful displays of confidence.

4. Invest in quality pieces.

Not all bras are created equal. They’re products of incredible ingenuity and engineering. From the straps, sliders, hooks, neckline, wings, gore, cups, underwire, and underbands– bras can be as unique as a women’s body. By investing in quality pieces, you are likely to pay more attention to these details in order to find lingerie that you truly love and will want to wear often. Whether you opt for tailor-made pieces or regular pieces purchase from a store, a good high-quality piece will make you feel as though you are doing something that will inspire a sense of pride and confidence as you are wearing your lingerie. And you can explore both options on sites like My Satin Secret.

5. Identify your female icon.

To be your own muse is a powerful thing. Yet, it is totally natural to have other women you look up to as a source of inspiration and confidence. Whether it’s a family member, political figure, celebrity, or social media influencer, there are so many female icons from which we can learn, past and present. That doesn’t mean you set out to emulate them, however. But, rather observe them with a type of admiration that inspires you to move about in the world with the same confidence– confidence you can bring to your work or personal life. Or– while simply wearing your lingerie.

6. Buy a matching set.

Think of lingerie as an inner outfit that looks even better when coordinated, just as with outerwear. Sure, wearing what’s comfortable–matching or not– is important. But nothing beats a cute matching set–that also fits great. Wearing lingerie that matches and looks good on you makes you feel sexy. This can create a sense of pride that can influence your mood and overall self-esteem for the day. So, investing in matching sets means that if you are looking good in your undergarments, you are likely feeling good, too. No matter the occasion!

7. Use it on ordinary days, too.

We all deserve to look and feel our best. And what we wear contributes greatly to that. Although what lingerie to wear may come as an afterthought when planning your OOTD (outfit of the day)– nonetheless– it should be a thought. Making lingerie a part of your outfit on ordinary days can boost your confidence, knowing you are not only dressed to impress others outside but to impress yourself too—from both inside and out. So, next time you’re sifting through your closet choosing outfit options, make sure to also layout some of your favorite lingerie options.

There’s nothing like owning the finest lingerie to remind yourself just how beautiful you are. Donning intimate wear not only reminds you of your beauty and uniqueness but is an opportunity to fully embrace your feminine power and all the confidence that comes with that. Expertly crafted and tailor-made intimate wear can help you feel that. Your body is unique, and so should your lingerie be.

At My Satin Secret, it’s our goal to make women wear the best lingerie for themselves. Our team members are lingerie experts specializing in bra-fitting and in the ability to help our clients choose the perfect size and style. So whether it’s online, in-person, or over the phone, we can help you find the perfect lingerie today!

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