Hurrying to the seaside or preparing for a date, we frantically run through the lingerie departments, flip through the pages of online stores and search, search. Before us is a huge variety of lingerie – bras and women’s panties. And here it becomes necessary to correctly determine the size. How can you neither be mistaken, nor disappointed, not despair? The help of a specialist will not hurt.

Tip # 1

Every woman, let’s not be honest, wants to unexpectedly find out and be pleasantly surprised at a decrease in her size. Therefore, to not be excruciatingly painful to get rid of just bought things  with Niemann measurements honest .  Better to let the assistant do it – he has no reason to write down the values ​​a couple of centimeters less. A measuring tape and nothing else should act as a tool. It is impossible to accurately measure broken and curved lines with a ruler and tape measure.

Tip # 2

When starting to measure, relax, exhale – all measurements should be taken in natural positions, without bending your arms, without lifting them up, without pulling in your stomach, be sure to wear thin, loose clothing without liners. It is best to take measurements on a thin bra (topless measurements will not be correct). You should not use the usual women’s “tricks” for visual body shaping – you should not take measurements either in a push-up bra or resort to tightening. This will not change the overall picture, but it can harm the true result.

Tip # 3

Also, change your shoes to soft slippers . They allow you to relax your spine, you can just barefoot. When measuring, you do not need to pull the tape – it should move easily around the circumference.
The main measurements when determining your size of underwear are the girth of the chest, under the bust, waist (for some type of underwear) and hips. Without any of these parameters, the picture will not be clear, and choosing the right kit will not work.

Places for taking measurements on the body are selected according to the largest girth diameter:


Under the breast – along the solar plexus: the centimeter tape runs strictly horizontally and closes in front under the breast. The measuring tape should not squeeze the body, but at the same time it should fit tightly enough. Place your finger under the measuring tape and wrap the measuring tape so that it does not fall down, as shown in the figure.


In the chest area just above the solar plexus, in the middle of the chest; The measuring tape runs along the protruding points of the weight in the front and along the shoulder blades at the back. It is also necessary to monitor the horizontal position of the measuring tape.


At the waist below the last rib (but taking into account the belly);
the measurement is taken in the narrowest place, taking into account the protrusion of the abdomen. Please note that the measuring tape must be kept exactly around the entire circumference.


On the thighs in the region of the pelvic joint, approximately in the middle of the pelvis. The measurement is taken taking into account the protrusion of the abdomen, without pinching the soft tissues.

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